Back in Hawai’i!

Well, here I am; back on Oahu! Despite some technical issues yesterday and an uncooperative ear today, it’s three dives to the good and at least five more dives plus a day of snorkelling! I’ve already posted some pics from the last dives on facebook, so check it out if you haven’t already!

So… what’s coming up? At least five or six location write ups, a lot of pictures, and some new experiences! Additionally, I’m diving with Michelle from over at hikinginparadise, a sweet blog on hiking and diving here on Oahu. This marks Cold Water Diver’s first collaboration with another diving blog in a diving sense! Michelle knows some sweet spots for shore dives, so it’s looking good for the coming week!

Well, it’s just a micro-update for now, expect something more substantive next Saturday with the first dive location post from this year’s dives in Oahu!

About the author

Graeme is a professional diver, qualified as a PADI and SDI Divemaster, DCBC 40m Unrestricted Commercial Scuba Diver, 30m Restricted Surface Supply diver, and CAUS Scientific Diver Lv.2. Graeme has an Associate Degree of Arts in Environmental Studies, where he focused on archaeology and physical geography, and an Advanced GIS certificate.