GB DiveWorks

KM 28B Band MaskGB DiveWorks:

GB DiveWorks is a local business in the Okanagan Valley, offering a variety of underwater services as a subcontractor to established commercial diving companies, and directly as diving support for scientific diving operations.

Services Offered:

– marker and anchor buoy maintenance and installation
– underwater inspections (visual only)
– underwater sensor cleaning
– underwater photography
– underwater surveying
– underwater videography
– specimen collection
– milfoil removal
– hull cleaning (hard paint only)Working Diver
– lost item recovery
– zinc replacement

Scientific Diving:

As a Canadian Association for Underwater Science Scientific Diver Level 2, I am available for university and aquarium dives for surveying, archaeological studies, specimen collection, tank maintenance and cleaning, and underwater experiment assistance.


GB DiveWorks offers services as a personnel subcontractor to commercial diving companies in the commercial and scientific scuba capacity with a maximum operating depth of 40m on scuba and 30m on surface supply.

Compliance:Damage Photo

GB DiveWorks is a WCB compliant operation, in accordance with WorkSafe BC and the CSA regulations for diving operations. For any GB DiveWorks lead diving operation, there will always be a minimum of three operators: two divers and a supervisor.

Contact Information:

For commercial diving quotes or job information, please contact Inland Divers.
phone: (1) 250 801 2855
website: Inland Divers Underwater Services Ltd.

For scientific diving or archaeological diving, contact me directly.
phone: (1) 250 309 0998

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