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Cold Water Diver DL CoverMain Page For anyone familiar with me, they know I’m a stickler for logging dives. I’ve written on the subject here previously; and after doing so, started to wonder about producing a logbook myself. After some thought, planning, a trip to Oahu where I used up my last logbook from PADI, I bit the bullet and contacted the local printers.

The Essentials Dive Log is Cold Water Diver’s answer for active divers you need to log a lot of dives in an efficient manner! Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the minimalist approach allows you to log critical dive information quickly. With those approaches, this logbook allows you to log THREE dives per page! Slimmer than comparably priced logbooks, this logbook has space for 120 dives; over 40 more than the competition. The first page covers your personal information, the second page is on DCI signs and symptoms, then it’s all dives! The dive log is also three hole punched allowing it to fit in almost any standard three hole binder for A5 sized paper.

This Dive Log was printed locally in the Okanagan, and is available for sale! Ordering details can be found on this handy pdf provided below, and any questions can be sent to me directly @

Logbook Ordering Info

All Photos are © Graeme A. Barber, 2008-2015.

4 thoughts on “Essentials Dive Log

  1. Do you still have stocks available? We’re looking to buy 2 or 3, I still have to ask my friend if wants to push through.

    • BCDiver573

      I do have stock on hand. Sorry about the long response time, I’m not in internet friendly territory right now. When are you thinking of ordering?

  2. Please contact me at for details of cost to ship to Louisiana, USA. Thanks!!

    Great idea, by the way!

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