Oahu Pics Up!

Devil Scorpionfish

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Cold Water Diver! There’s been lots of new activity on the site, and the logbook is almost done! Aside form that, diving looks like it’s going to be on the uptick, with work adding a side scanning SONAR unit to our arsenal of cool underwater tools. Our ability to recover lost items (like boats) will be greatly increased. As a fun bonus, next weekend (fingers crossed) I’m on a pumpkin dive with the local dive shop!

There were over 900 images in the computer after the last trip, and picking the ones that were suitable to be shown wasn’t easy! It took awhile, but I got them picked out. so farSo, without further adieu, here are the 20 odd new pictures added to the Tropical Sub Aqua Photographs gallery:

Commerson’s Frogfish
Potter’s Anglefish
Redbarred Hawkfish
Undulated Moray eel
Blacklip Butterflyfish
Devil Scorpionfish
Leaf Scorpionfish
Scythe Triggerfish
Hawaiian Dascyllus
Blackside Hawkfish
Cushion Star
Pebble Collector Urchin
Bigeye Emperor

The best part? There’s still about another 80+ to add to the gallery! Including new faces and better pics of old faces! All of these pictures were taken with a Nikon L22 in an Ikelite housing, no strobes.

So, that’s it for this week, next week: Sharks Cove!

About the author

Graeme is a professional diver, qualified as a PADI and SDI Divemaster, DCBC 40m Unrestricted Commercial Scuba Diver, 30m Restricted Surface Supply diver, and CAUS Scientific Diver Lv.2. Graeme has an Associate Degree of Arts in Environmental Studies, where he focused on archaeology and physical geography, and an Advanced GIS certificate.