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Fresh out of the Mediterranean Graeme Barber, CD Graeme is a professional diver, holding certifications as a DCBC Commercial Diver, CAUS Scientific Diver, and as both an SDI and PADI Divemaster. An unrepentant wetsuit diver, he has only just accepted that sometimes it’s better to dive dry. Graeme holds an Associate Degree of Arts in Environmental Studies, where he studied physical geography and archaeology. Graeme started this blog after his second tour in Afghanistan as a healthy outlet for creativity and as a ready reason to go diving at every opportunity. Check his LinkedIn Profile and/or follow him on Twitter @BCDiver573!

Cold Water Diver is not a one man show though! The following people are contributing writers and active divers whose experiences and views help create a more diverse and interesting blog for you the reader to enjoy.


Diver JessJessica Shultz, BSc Jessica Shultz is a seasoned and professional diver, holding certifications as a PADI Staff Instructor, CAUS Scientific Diver, TDI Trimix and Advanced Wreck Diver, and as a NSS-CDS Cave Diver. She completed a BSc in Marine Biology with Honours at UBC in 2013, and is currently the Research Coordinator for the Howe Sound Research and Conservation Program at the Vancouver Aquarium. Her goals are to pursue academia through underwater exploration and diving.

Sarah f Sarah Friesen, BSc Sarah Friesen is an active and experienced diver, working as a dive guide in BC, and as a scientific diver. She holds a BSc with Distinction from UVic, and holds certifications as a PADI Divemaster and CAUS Scientific Diver.

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  1. Leif Vogel

    Hej ,
    Är ni IXplorer som har ett samarbete med Peter Lindberg 0 & ?
    Är er specialitet att leta upp sjukna fartyg ?
    Hälsningar Leif Vogel med sub sea robot ROMAN

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