What the Heck Cold Water Diver?!?

Technical Issues Sea Star

Technical Issues Sea Star

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay in getting anything up on the site here. This holiday season was rather roughly intruded upon by the death and phoenix like rebirth of my battered laptop. Unfortunately, the process saw me lose quite a bit of the information on it, including the drafts of several posts. With the dawning of the new year, an additional complication got thrown in, as I returned to school to begin working my way towards a degree in archaeology so that I can put my diving skills to even more use than they currently have. So… suffice to say, things are going to get a bit thinner on the ground here at Cold Water Diver.

So, here’s the low down on what’s going to be happening here at Cold Water Diver for foresee-able future:

  • Cold Water Diver will remain a weekly blog, but in an alternating biweekly format
  • Every even week will be a picture update and/or featured animal or a dive site
  • Each odd week will have a full sized article on, well, something diving related, or a series of articles (like the Diving Atlantis one that started a few weeks back)
  • Social Media Sites, like the Facebook and Google+ pages, will continue to be active, and a Google+ Community may be established in the near(ish) future
  • The Tumblr site will continue, but in a more staggered fashion, through the week, with at least three posts per week so you can get your picture and philosophy quote fix

I’d like to say thanks to everyone for continuing to read and ask that if you like what you see, “Like” it for Facebook and “+1” it if Google+ is your preferred network! Also, check out our awesome shop over at Zazzle and help support more diving to keep this blog fresh!

Happy New Years Everyone! Good Luck and Good Diving!

About the author

Graeme is a professional diver, qualified as a PADI and SDI Divemaster, DCBC 40m Unrestricted Commercial Scuba Diver, 30m Restricted Surface Supply diver, and CAUS Scientific Diver Lv.2. Graeme has an Associate Degree of Arts in Environmental Studies, where he focused on archaeology and physical geography, and an Advanced GIS certificate.